Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cool, calm and collective.

I decided to change the layout and colour's of my blog. It kinder goes with my mood lately. Cool, calm and collective. It's alot more organized as well and not so all over the place. 

I can't believe it's May already. Five months into the year, seven more to go. Thing's are now working out for us. I started working in April working 20 hours a week. Work is easy and my pay rate is good. I started work in April and is happy to say I like my job. The people there are very nice and there are a few New Zealanders there as well. Even though I'm still after a full time job it's nice waking up to something everyday. I feel a little more secure within myself and want to work, Work, WORK my butt off to get to where I need to be over here. I've said once I get a job I'm gonna begin studies. Ideally I want some kind of office job in a busy environment so my studies will be based around that industry. That's always what I've version myself doing over here in Australia and I'm pretty determined to get there plus build a foundation up for me and ray which means house, cars, savings and careers. And of course have a little bit of fun along the way. 

My partner's application for his new job is moving forward, I think it was the medical test that was holding things up but he's finally had it and done his survey which was a bunch of random questions. Next is his interveiw. I trust he will do well. He had to do a fork-hoist license for this job and had to wait for it to be delivered before he could move forward with the process because they had to have it in sight. When it finally came, things started moving. He's pretty lucky to have had his position held for him. They could have easily said "first in first served". Both me and my partner have nothing but positive thoughts and when he get's this job it would put us in a perfect position to move out of beachmere. 

May is gonna be about planning, achieving and doing more of what I love. Girly dates, more family time with my other family in Brisbane, learning, reading, fitness/exercise/weight-loss goals, less facebook MORE WORK!

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