Monday, 7 May 2012

You know what? It's going to be ok.

As I mentioned in my last blog post my partner was applying for another job in logistics as a store hand. Well, this afternoon he got the call saying his safety questionnaire didn't meet the job requirements. I could tell he was a little down, he put everything into applying for this job. He told me an hour after he got the call the reason  he wanted the job so bad was to get us into the next step together financially. I was a little disappointed as well for the exact same reason. Then I said to him "It's not all bad babe. Look at it this way, you have your license now you could pretty much apply for any warehousing/forkhoist job. One bad day doesn't mean your gonna have a bad life". He replied with "what would I do without you".

We are in a good place where we can pay our bills, board, petrol, lunches each day and all these other little things on the side AND have that little bit extra to play with. We may not have what we did back in New Zealand BUT we will get all that and more. Why? Because I know the strength of me and my partner. We've always worked to get what we wanted. We will work even harder to get even greater things.

In saying all of this, he has been offered another opportunity through his friend for a warehousing job. We will see where this takes him and I will update on this progress. For now though, each day I'm going to love more, live more and laugh more. GOODNIGHT ^_^

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