Monday, 19 August 2013


Please bare with me as I change up this blog abit. Im baaacccck in full effect. I have a new laptop (finally) and I should be fully connected to the internet by Friday. Yaaaaay. I've been dying to get back to writting. My life has changed in many ways. Be sure to here all about it and more from now on.


Monique x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Good thoughts only.

I haven't posted in so long. Do my followers even exist anymore? Lol. I'm going to make a huge effort to post more.

So I've been GREAT. I use to vent a lot about my struggles, dramas and alot of negative things. As I get older (and wiser) I learn which ways I'd like to live my life. Lately I've been finding great pleasures in the littlest things. Like having my own space (Ray and I are living in our own place now), the location in which we live in and its surroundings, meeting great people, my commitment to exercise and eating healthy (I will blog more about this), the Vitamin D the sun has given my skin lately and so much more.

I love taking moments out to appreciate what The Lord presents to me each day. Instant happy endorphins ;)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Good morning.

I'm sitting on the train on my way to work listening to Brooke Fraser-Saving the world re-running my morning in my head.

I have a throat infection, about $35 to my name until my next pay (i get paid fortnightly), haven't been to the gym in 4 days and I'm (always) homesick. But all that a side I'm feeling pretty amazing this morning. Full of energy and at peace all because of good thought's I had this morning.

I woke up grateful for all I had today. Im not rich in wealth but I'm rich in love. I don't have much but I have all I need (my boyfriend). I surround myself with people who will uplift my spirit and except me for who I am. This feeling fills my heart with bliss. I am so grateful. Thank you universe. Thank you lord. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love, moni.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A breakdown of whats been happening..

I haven't blogged anything about my life for sometime. Reason being: I am very busy now days with work and trying to get myself back in my gym routine. I have been homesick (for my friends and family in NZ) therefore spending well trying to spend less time online which causes me to browse through there page. I left my digital camera at my cousin's so all the exciting things I have done within the last month or so have no pictures to back them up with :( So I've decided to give you a brief run down on what's been happening in my life since we last spoke.

  • I celebrated a birthday :) I have been living for 23 years now. On my birthday we went shopping. My gorgeous boyfriend brought me a kobo eReader one of the coolest presents ever. I just need to learn how to work the thing =/.
  • I also celebrated a anniversary :) 6 years me and my boyfriend have been together. We enjoy a cute little lunch at a Sushi restaurant and went shopping for gifts for each other. Unfortunately we didn't get anything. There was nothing I wanted and my boyfriend wasn't fussed either. The money we had left over is now history.
  • I joined up to Jetts Gym. I'm so relieved to be back in action. Have had a bumpy few weeks so far over indulging in the food at work so I'm definitely focused now. I have a personal trainer who I see once a week and a gym programe to follow when I ain't training with her. This summer, I shall look good in a summer dress and bikini lol.
  • I'm job hunting again. I love my currant job BUT I'm always wanting more and something better and I don't feel like Hungry Jacks gives me that so I'm looking for something that would give me more in return and that I will thrive in.
  • I love tax back in Australia :).
  • I have done a tone of online shopping. More to come from Dotti and Asos
  • I am getting a new phone. Haven't decided out of the HTC One X or iPhone 4s? Hmmm.
  • I should have a new laptop next week. Yaaaay.
  • BILLS. BILLS. BILLS. should be paid off. Soon after that I will be able to pay for my flights to perth and spend some quality time with my bestfriend.
  • I am on the last chapter of my book The Power by Rhonda Bryne.
  • We are FINALLY saving to get into our own house.
Finally getting into a good place with Australia. Still homesick but working hard so I can go home for a holiday. Can't wait to get my camera back lol. MISS IT!