Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A breakdown of whats been happening..

I haven't blogged anything about my life for sometime. Reason being: I am very busy now days with work and trying to get myself back in my gym routine. I have been homesick (for my friends and family in NZ) therefore spending well trying to spend less time online which causes me to browse through there page. I left my digital camera at my cousin's so all the exciting things I have done within the last month or so have no pictures to back them up with :( So I've decided to give you a brief run down on what's been happening in my life since we last spoke.

  • I celebrated a birthday :) I have been living for 23 years now. On my birthday we went shopping. My gorgeous boyfriend brought me a kobo eReader one of the coolest presents ever. I just need to learn how to work the thing =/.
  • I also celebrated a anniversary :) 6 years me and my boyfriend have been together. We enjoy a cute little lunch at a Sushi restaurant and went shopping for gifts for each other. Unfortunately we didn't get anything. There was nothing I wanted and my boyfriend wasn't fussed either. The money we had left over is now history.
  • I joined up to Jetts Gym. I'm so relieved to be back in action. Have had a bumpy few weeks so far over indulging in the food at work so I'm definitely focused now. I have a personal trainer who I see once a week and a gym programe to follow when I ain't training with her. This summer, I shall look good in a summer dress and bikini lol.
  • I'm job hunting again. I love my currant job BUT I'm always wanting more and something better and I don't feel like Hungry Jacks gives me that so I'm looking for something that would give me more in return and that I will thrive in.
  • I love tax back in Australia :).
  • I have done a tone of online shopping. More to come from Dotti and Asos
  • I am getting a new phone. Haven't decided out of the HTC One X or iPhone 4s? Hmmm.
  • I should have a new laptop next week. Yaaaay.
  • BILLS. BILLS. BILLS. should be paid off. Soon after that I will be able to pay for my flights to perth and spend some quality time with my bestfriend.
  • I am on the last chapter of my book The Power by Rhonda Bryne.
  • We are FINALLY saving to get into our own house.
Finally getting into a good place with Australia. Still homesick but working hard so I can go home for a holiday. Can't wait to get my camera back lol. MISS IT!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you've got a lot going on!!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo