Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Change of living situation.

As grateful as I am for my Aunty & Uncle to have take us in when we moved from Auckland to Brisbane Christmas Eve 2011 I cannot wait to move out of this suburb. There is no life here. I've never lived in a place that goes to sleep at 7 pm. It's secluded from life or should I say 'things I'm use to being surrounded around'. You have to travel 15 mins to get in and out of this suburb. It just doesn't fit with my lifestyle.

Another reason is also to get out of this house. Anybody who knows me will know I have a precise way of living. Yes, I'm a tad bit of a diva. Just abit. I value my privacy but I feel like it gets looked upon as me being snobby and a few deeper things that I wish not to say. Just a different kind of energy flow from when I first moved here on Christmas Eve 2011.

Me and My partner have figured now I've got a job and he'll possibly be starting his second we're gonna look at moving elsewhere. For the better I think on both parties. I won't be so frustrated all the time and their be more space for others. All I really want is to be able to create my own environment and not live in others expectations. In saying that our next move could be with my partners cousin if/when he starts his new job. I'm far more comfortable with them and another thing they have the space for us to store our bigger household items for our house. And they live in a town where it's easy to travel in and out of and close to all the necessities I need in my life.

Your home life certainly does play a big part in your attitude and judging by my attitude I'm definitely ready to move on. I'm more clear then ever what I want to achieve out of this move. I've already started on a couple of goals I've set for myself and my partner has too. My plan is to keep moving forward.